Touching Young Lives, Incorporated was formed for exclusively charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, our efforts focus on providing public education on influenza and pneumonia to parents, guardians, and those that oversee young children between the ages of newborn to 5 years of age through the use of 3 platforms; “Touching Minds” (Educational Component), Touching Bodies” (Recreational Component), and “Touching Souls” (Volunteer Work).

Through the “Touching Bodies” platform we focus on the recreational component of the organization. Our community outreach efforts include fitness tips to lead healthy lives through building healthy minds, bodies, and souls through offering avenues to exercise, and medical attention that includes flu/pneumonia shots, on-­hand nurses/doctors for free physicals and offering demonstrations on maintaining their  hygiene.

Through the “Touching Minds” platform, we focus on the educational component of the organization. We partner with local nurses, pediatricians, and other health related nonprofit organizations to hold workshops and health forums focusing on ways to ensure healthy babies and children. Activities include but are not limited to: sponsoring or partnering to offer clinics with resources including offering services to therapists, household/lifestyle components (free hand sanitizer, Kleenex®, vitamins, nutritionists) and financial (supplemental health insurance, financial advising, life insurance); compiling research and providing literature on children influenza and pneumonia; forums and support groups with testimonials of families whose lives were affected by childhood pneumonia; one-­on-­one assistance and help to families of children with childhood pneumonia.

Through the “Touching Souls” platform, we focus on the volunteer work component of the organization. Volunteer efforts include but are not limited to: volunteering at hospitals, hospices, women and children shelters, child care centers, and elementary schools to spread awareness on childhood influenza and pneumonia. Through continuing to volunteer and provide essential influenza and pneumonia awareness information and day­-to-­day necessities to those in need through packages such as Thanksgiving drives, Christmas gift bags, and Easter baskets (just to name a few), this organization will continue to touch souls.